Processo de Inventário

Inventory Process

Are you going through a delicate moment due to the passing of a family member (besides the actual loss) or a divorce and need a lawyer to guide you through the whole process of splitting assets?

If so, the Firm is prepared to help you!

If there is no agreement between all heirs, the Inventory Process is the legal mechanism in defining the division of inherited or marital assets.

It is now possible to hand over processes of this nature to courts and lawyers, giving you an alternative to notaries who, in situations where there is disagreement between heirs, the final decisions end up being delayed, leaving your Inheritance situation unresolved.

Inventory proceedings can be initiated by any of the parties involved in the division (heirs, surviving spouse or ex-spouses). The Firm provides this legal service in a safe and suitable manner during the 3 stages of the process:

We guarantee a fully personalised analysis in order to find the best solutions for you and all involved parties.


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